Yu Jiahua

Yu Jiahua is a librarian of the Research Institute of Culture and History in Yunnan Province, mainly engaged in teaching research on Chinese ancient literature and local culture of Yunnan. He has edited and published the literature series with rich information, Yunnan ancient anthology, including seven volumes: poetry, travel notes, biography, inscriptions, essays, prose poems, literary theory, covering politics, history, nationalities, literature and art, including 1,386 pieces of literary works, 6 poetry, 3,808 pieces of appendix index, 150 pictures, a total of over 4 million words. It is the first Yunnan ancient anthology with systematical selection and annotation in Yunnan province, which filled the blank of Yunnan anthology set. The Scenery Ethnography of Yunnan written by Yu Jiahua has been reprinted for nine times, conducting the scenery ethnography writing in various regions, to promote the development of tourism economy in Yunnan. In addition, he has discussed some important characters and problems among the Yunnan ancient culture from his works, A Lengthened Couplet of Kunming Da Guanlou Mansion and its Author Sun Ran, Speculative Record of Ancient Dian Culture, Chieftain Mu and Lijiang, expressing his own opinions and forming his academic thoughts. He has provided the precious material for research on Yunnan culture and history with his works, Correction and Annotation of Anthology of Qian Nan Yuan, Contemporary Poetry, Fan Yitian Anthology, Li Qunjie Anthology, etc. Professor Yu Jiahua has won honors from the provincial government and the outstanding achievement awards of Social Sciences of Yunnan province for many times. 

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