Hai Nan

professor Hai Nan, born in 1960s, is an eminent writer in contemporary China and one of the representatives of avant-garde writers to have emerged in Chinese female. Mo Yan, the Nobel Prize winner and famous writer in China, gives this view of the woman: “Hai Nan is famous for her contributions in the field of poetry and then both writes novels and prose. She is a pioneer in the female literature, describing secrets of women psyche with varied and graceful writing styles. Inheriting her usual courage, Hai Nan narrates fatal relationship between women and women, women and men with exquisite natural composition and understandable and fluent language. Her works are like flounce with distinctive personality on the long brocade”.

She has won the following awards: Anne-Kao Poetry Prize in 1996; laureate as the top ten female poets in new period of China; annual laureate in Poetry in 2005; talented poet in Poetry Monthly in 2008; the third Chinese female literature award in 2009; the sixth Lu Xun Literature Prize(Poetry Prize) in 2014. The inter-textual works wrote by Hai Nan have caused a sensation in mainland of China, such as Male Biography, Female Biography, Body Biography, Affection Biography; representative works in novels are mainly Pattern, Night Life, Caravan, Private Life; prose are mainly Garden in the Sky, Voice of Screen, My Magic Tour, Cheer with Man,etc. ; poetry anthology are Color of Lip, Fictional Rose, What is in the behind, etc.; Hai Nan Anthology (four volumes) have been published. She is the distinguished professor in Yunnan Normal University now.

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