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President Jiang held a speech to encourage the education of the country

date: 2016-11-08 Information Sources:School of Chinese language and literture of Yunnan Normal University

President Jiang held a speech to encourage the education of the country

      In the morning of October 27th ,Professor Jiang Yongwen, President of our university, held a lecture entitled "the quality of Chinese learning and Chinese teachers" in 121 campus district’s Xi Waipeilecture hall. President Jiang has always attached great importance to the work of teacher training and also concernes about the life and learning situation of the teachers in the training of the teachers in the country. Meanwhile, President Jiang attaches great importance to the training of talents in the Zhu Ziqing class of the College of Liberal Arts, concernes about the future development of outstanding teachers. In this beautiful autumn, President Jiang held an enlightening lecture for national training students and future excellence teachers who are all come from Zhu Ziqing class of the College of Liberal Arts.

      At the beginning of this lecture, President Jiangasked friendlyeveryone to call him "a teacher". He said that He is always concerned about the teacher and education, and therefore prefer the identity of the teacher. His lecture started from the meaning of "learning" and Emphasized on the understanding of the traditional learning of Confucianism. Then, President Jiang answered some questions like"what is Chinese culture", "what is the content of Chinese culture" "in the history of the world civilization," and so on. He talked about Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, also involves other poetics problem and their modern meaning.

      There are grand academic system and detailed textual researches in this 3-hours-lecture, and there are also rich enlightenment and ideas exchange. President JiangLed us to think the philosophical level of Chinese culture from different angles. And he also reminded that never forget the cultivation promotion.

      President Jiang and professor Hu yan, dean of the college of arts, as well as professor Ma shaoxi, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts all expressed affirmation an appreciation to the training mode of Zhu ziqing class. Meanwhile, President Jiang encouraged students in Zhu Ziqing's class to study hard, to establish the ideal of excellent teachers. As a Chinese teacher, we must study the classics, entered the realm, and become a model.

      At last, Professor Tan xiaoyunshared the experience of the lecture, emphasizing the ideal pursuit of excellent teachers.The lecture came to a close in the enthusiastic applause.

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