The Zi-qing Chinese High-end Forum

date: 2016-12-20 Information Sources:School of Chinese language and literture of Yunnan Normal University

   December 9th -10th,The Zi-qing Chinese High-end Forum, which was jointly sponsored by College of liberal arts of Yunnan Normal University and Magazine Ming zuo xin shang, was held at the main campus of Yunnan Normal University in Chenggong. Principal professor Jiang Yongwen attends this forum. Chicness education experts, college teachers and students, first-line Chinese language teachers from different areas and relevant departments of Yunnan Normal University leaders and teachers and students of the faculty attended the forum.

   Professor Jiang Yongwen gave a wonderful speech in the opening ceremony. He welcomed the experts and scholars who came to the meeting. While he pointed out that classic reading has increasingly become a hot issue of concern in the study of Chinese Teaching when it comes to easy and Fragmented reading. The forum focuses on literature reading and Chinese Teaching. It has profound meaning and fully reflects the social responsibility and spirit of the publishing and education circles.
   The Zi-qing Chinese high-end forum successfully completed on 10th. During this period, theme papers of participants were evaluated and would be published in Ming zuo xin shang. At last, Associate Dean of College of liberal arts, Professor Ma shao xi made a summary statement. He pointed out that this forum has played a positive role in middle school Chinese education, especially in Yunnan frontier Chinese education. Meanwhile, the forum built a communication platform for Hong Kong and mainland scholars. College of liberal arts will make this forum into a education brand, aims at promoting the education and research of modern Chinese. He hoped the participants could establish deep friendship by this forum.

   Education is the most fundamental precise poverty alleviation. College of liberal arts actively take advantage of educational resources, boosting the education poverty. The College invited 20 teachers of Chinese who are all came from Lianghe County to participate in the Forum. The College would passed the advantages of teaching experience to the frontier minority areas. 

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