Famous Sinologist Professor Maghiel van Crevel came to the seminar hosted by Southwest Research Institute

date: 2017-03-13 Information Sources:School of Chinese language and literture of Yunnan Normal University

The afternoon of January 12th, thirtieth seminar hosted by Southwest Research Institute of new poetry of the Yunnan Normal University was held in the school of Ming De building 3- 111 hall. The theme of this lecture is The China Poetry in A Time of spirit and money. The speaker is the famous Sinologist Professor Maghiel van Crevel who came from Holland Leiden University and the host is famous poet Professor Yu Jian.

AT the beginning of the lecture, Professor Crevel used some humorous metaphors to describe his academic activities and his unique situation as a foreign to study Chinese poetry. He said that the Alien identity offers a "semi outsider" standpoint and perspective, and also made him to pay more attention to the research context, text element and other "non explicit version" .

At the end of the lecture, the present teachers and students put forward their own views and doubts about the study of new poetry, and Professor Crevel answered the question of "the study of workers’ poems". He pointed out that China has a large number of working poet groups, the working of poetry has both social value and aesthetic value,  and it is also a unique phenomenon in China. Then Professor Crevel answered the students about "field investigation", he believed that it is a ubiquitous yet unreasonable to write thesis on trapped in library. He actively encouraged a  research method to combine the text theory and field investigation.  

The atmosphere of this lecture  was rich and full of vitality. Professor Crevel brought a lot of ideas for the students with his fluent Mandarin and profound academic accomplishment. It was a feast of knowledge.

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