Culture Industry Management (non-teacher major, enroll students in the category of liberal art or science)

The School has cultivated the applied and compound talents who are qualified for the position in the fields of culture industry, media and government organs, enterprises and public institutions engaged in culture and art management, cultural management, business design of culture industry, project planning and international culture communication, with the strong ability of planning, decision-making, organizing, creating and communicating. In order to adapt to the rapid development of culture industry, the talents should understand the development trend of domestic and foreign culture and the general rules of culture and art markets and management, master operating characteristics and rules of culture industry and be familiar with the cultural regulations and policies. As the applied talents, they should have profound culture theory and rich humanistic knowledge and wide international view. After graduation, awarded the Bachelor of Management Degree.     

    It offers over 10 compulsory courses, such as Introduction to Culture Industry Management, Economics of Culture Industry, Creative Design of Culture Industry, Mass Media Management, Performance and Entertainment Management, Film and Television Industry Management, Animations and Digital Industry Management, Modern Service Management, Cultural Business English, Chinese Culture History, etc; there are also over 10 elective courses offered in the School, such as Culture Tourism Industry, Exhibition and Festival Industry, Folk Crafts, Tea Culture and Tea Industry, Western Culture History, Introduction to National Culture of Yunnan, Folklore, Yunnan Culture History, Etiquette and Interpersonal Communication and so on. In addition, all the courses of Chinese Language and Literature can be offered.

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