Secretary Science (non-teacher major, enroll students in the category of literature and history)

In this program, the School has developed the applied talents who can master basic theory and office skills of modern secretary work and the basic knowledge of modern archives management, research and information processing, with the ability of handling official business and the solid language ability of oral expression, Chinese characters writing.  As the secretaries, they should have good humanistic quality and occupation morals. they also should be applied secretaries who are qualified for the work in the fields of party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions, masses and groups and relevant managements, with the idea of modern information and the basic scientific study methods of information retrieval and utilization, social investigation, thesis writing. After graduation, awarded the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The School offers over 9 compulsory courses, Secretary Science, Secretarial Practice, E-commerce and E-governance, Basic Writing, Public Relations, Administrative Management, Secretary Document Management, Office Routine Work Processing, Social Etiquette and Interpersonal Communication,etc. It also offers more than 10 elective courses,such as Leadership, Business Negotiation, Modern Secretarial Writing, Automatic Equipment and Application of Senior Office, Shorthand of Computer Language, Photography and Video, Administration Occupational Ability Test and Essay Test, etc; at the same time, more than 80 elective courses of Chinese Language and Literature are offered as well.

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