Chinese Language and Literature (teacher major, enroll students in the category of literature and history)

In this program, the School has fostered Chinese language teachers of junior middle school who can grasp firmly the professional theory of Chinese language and literature and the all-around ones with the comprehensive ability of language expression, literary works interpretation, writing, innovation and the practice ability of guiding the teaching and research with modern education theory. As the Chinese language teachers, they should be a staff of members with wide cultural vision and strong sense of social responsibility. They also are qualified for the text work in the fields of the news media, publishing agencies, the party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions. After graduation, awarded the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

    The School offers over 8 compulsory courses, such as Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Linguistics, Applied Writing and more than 80 elective courses, such as Introduction to Zhouyi, Chuang-tzu, Diamond Sutra and the Bible, Philology, Chinese Vocabulary Research, Processing of Language Information, Research on Eileen Chang's Novels, Contemporary Chinese Female Literature, Study on Chinese Modern Poetry, Study on English Modernism Novels, Chinese Ancient Poetry, Literary Creation, Research on Western Modernism Drama, Western Aesthetics, Interpretation of Contemporary Culture, Speech and Eloquence and so on.

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