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School of Chinese language and literture of Yunnan Normal University introduction

      The School of Chinese Language and Literature, the former Chinese Department of the Teachers College of the National Southwest Associated University merged by Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University after the Anti-Japanese War broke out in 1937, is one of the Schools of Yunnan Normal University, with a long history and a great tradition. A group of renowned scholars became the director of the Department successively, including Zhu Ziqing, Luo Changpei, Wen Yiduo, Yang Zhensheng, Luo Yong,etc.What’s more, some distinguished academic experts ever had courses in the Department of Chinese, such as Tang Lan, Liu Wendian, Wang Li, Pu Jiangqing, You Guoen, Chen Mengjia, Shen Congwen, Yu Guanying, Zhang Qingchang,etc. In 1946, the National Southwest Associated University moved back to their original sites in the north, but the Teachers College, renamed Chinese Department of National Kunming Teachers College, stayed behind to become an independent institution. A few decades later, in 1984, it acquired its present name,Yunnan Normal University. In 2000, in order to keep up with the development of society, economy and culture and meet the demands of the reform of higher education, the School of Literature and Journalism and Communication was established on the basis of the original Department of Chinese. Ten years later, in 2010, the Department of Journalism and Communication, separated from the School, had formed the School of Communication, then it was renamed as the School of Chinese Language and Literature.

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